· last Sunday evening we received news that Rev. Trevor had experienced a cardiac event and was in the hospital thankfully his doctors were on top of it, and he was released home this past Friday

· right now, we do not know his recovery plan – we rather expect he will be meeting with his cardiology team in the near future, and we’ll know more then

· For now, we want to assure you that as a Parish we have been well-supported by our Bishop and our Diocese. As has Trevor and his family been so supported

· Rev. Shirley was most willing to preside and preach at both services today and on September 25th

· As Shirley will be out of province visiting family from the 14th to the 21st, we have together arranged with the Bishop that the Executive Director of the Diocese – the Rev. Ann Turner – will be here on Sunday the 18th to lead worship. BUT – important to note that there will be only one service that Sunday – at 10am

· all pastoral issues should be directed to Rev. Shirley, or can be referred through Denise; while Shirley is away, she has arranged for two of her colleagues in this Region to provide emergency pastoral care

· as you know, Rev. Shirley will be leaving the parish at the end of the month to assume new responsibilities in the Parish of Western Shore.

· we are working with the Bishop to ensure that we have a plan in place for the 1st of October, should that be necessary. A Priest in Charge will be appointed to lead both worship services on Sundays as well as to provide emergency pastoral care.

· as a parish we 100% support Rev. Trevor taking the time as recommended by his health care team

· and we assure Rev. Trevor and his family of our continued prayers, if you would like to offer get well wishes there is a card in the narthex, the leadership team will ensure Rev. Trevor receives them.