About Us

All Saints Bedford is a varied group of families and individuals who come together for spirit of community, ministry and worship.

We are an inclusive parish and welcome all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and economic background.

There’s something for everyone here at All Saints, from Messy Church to bible studies, our ministries are as diverse as our parish members.

We are a part of the Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.


Our Mission Statement

Reaching out and welcoming ALL to discover God’s love in a vibrant nurturing Christian Church Family.

Guiding Principle (to achieve our mission):

To see the face of Christ in everyone we meet, and that everyone we meet sees the face of Christ in us.

To see: the suffering Christ, the rejected Christ, the misunderstood Christ, the abandoned Christ

To be Seen: as the Christ of radical love, welcoming, compassion, peace, companionship and hope.

Our Core Values

  • Love Radically: we believe in serving Christ in ALL people, loving our neighbours as ourselves without condition, judgement or discrimination.
  • Missionally Minded: we believe in making a discernable difference in the lives of ALL whom we encounter by proclaiming by word and example the Good News in Christ.
  • Accept everyone as Child of God: we believe in promoting, participating in and advocating for justice, peace and reconciliation among ALL people, committed to respecting the dignity of every human being.
  • Be Inclusive: We believe in providing a safe, positive and encouraging environment for ALL to explore their relationship with God.
  • Make Disciples: we believe in providing creative opportunities through worship, programming and mission for ALL to experience the Love of God and deepen their faith.
  • Respect the Environment: we believe in being good stewards of God’s creation by striving to respect, care and safeguarding the environment that we and ALL other living creatures share.
  • Live Generously: we believe in the abundance of God as opposed to the sacristy of secularism. We commit to maintaining and allocating our resources, financial and leadership, with transparency and accountability that is necessary to carrying out our calling.

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