Ministries – Youth

Messy Church

Messy church is a Christ-centered, fresh expression of church that is missional and designed to reach families who are not ‘churched’ as well as those for whom a Sunday morning does not work.  We provide an opportunity for people of all ages to worship, sing and explore a biblical story or theme through crafts, games and other activities as well as enjoy a meal together one Sunday a month from 4:30-6pm.  Very often there is a take-home piece offered for families to discuss over the month until we meet again.  Messy Church is team-lead, everyone is together throughout the evening – kids don’t go off to do something different – so that families and friends can share faith conversations to help all who participate to grow as disciples of Jesus.  For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Candice Chapman through our Contact page. 

Messy Church Storytime

Join Messy Church coordinator, Candice Chapman, every Sunday afternoon for Messy Church Storytime.  These 10 min videos will come from a collection of stories known as Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories.  Each story is designed to entertain as well as build character; to lead boys and girls to choose a good way of life; to help them be kind, honest, truthful, and obedient, and above all, to love God with all their hearts.


Messy Adventures

Come join us Sunday afternoons at 4pm and witness fun new and enlightening experiences as

we explore our faith through stories, crafts, experiments, and more. Kids and adults of all ages welcome.

Contact our Messy Church Coordinator for more information.


We are looking for feedback from you.  Please reach out via email or through the contact us page with any thoughts or ideas on what we can do to better fulfill your family’s spiritual needs.

Advent Storytime with Rev Trev, 2020

Join Rev Trev at 4:30pm each day as he reads from the Advent Storybook.  This story is about a little bear named Benjamin, who cannot wait for Christmas to come.  Each day when he opens a door on his advent calendar, his mother tells him a story about another little bear and his long, arduous journey to Bethlehem.  The little bear, led by a glittering star, meets many others on his travels. His adventures, filled with acts of heroism and kindness and many small miracles, show him the path to the Christ Child. This beautiful book teaches the true spirit of Christmas.

Advent Storytime with Rev Trev, 2021

Join Rev Trev each day as he reads from the Advent Adventure “How Winston Came Home for Christmas”.  This story is a beautifully illustrated story told in twenty-four and a half chapters about how Winston leaves his warm, cosy home five days before Christmas with Oliver to try and find the source of a tune that has evoked a memory. He’s not quite sure what the memory is but his travels lead him on an action packed adventure through Europe and beyond. Along the way he makes new animal friends who play a part in Winston having the best Christmas ever!

Want to dive deep into Lent?

Lent is a great opportunity for families to be intentional about finding new ways to live out their faith together. This resource will help you do just that – even in the midst of a pandemic when you may not be able to gather in person for faith formation activities! Click here to get started!

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